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Mission, Vision and values

Mission, Vision and Values will be defined along with our senior team as they join SKAN within next few months. However, we define below a few guiding principles for our research projects.

All the research will be done by creating groups of research subjects (including prospective cohorts) to study specific medical/health problems. Cohort questionnaires and cohort creation will all be done in accordance with best research practices and will follow ethics guidelines as laid down by the Indian Council for Medical Research (ICMR). The philosophy behind our projects will be:

  • How do we delay the onset of disorders and disease?

  • How do we slow down the progression of the ailment?

  • How do we provide the persons a better quality of life even as they live with the disorder and disease?

  • Can we search for kinder, gentler therapies. Can we find cell and gene-based therapies in lieu of surgeries?

  • Can we find better management of problems with less medication?

  • Can we deploy medical analytics for prevention, early diagnosis?

We visualize our cohort members will play an important role and be major beneficiaries of our research as we will create appropriate communities for the members to exchange notes and learn from each other’s experience.

What we will not do

  • We will not engage in drug discovery or development.

  • Accept any advertisements for any products or services or endorse any such offerings.